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Yet students often look for mentoring from the wrong source, such as a role model, observes Kate Goddard.

She manages outreach and online communications for the National Girls Collaborative Project.

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But a good mentor can make the difference between someone who chooses a career in STEM — and someone who walks away.In the remainder of this article, the author explores mentoring and how to make it a win-win relationship for everyone involved.Students vary widely in their backgrounds, training and interests.And what they need from a mentor will evolve as a student matures.To an expert or your best been-there, survived-that mom friend?

Either one could give you great guidance–but what if you had both?She agrees that mentoring is not just about pushing someone towards a particular job or educational path.A mentor must be able to see the world from a student’s point of view.Through the enjoyable and relaxing process of hypnosis, you'll uncover the unconscious thinking patterns that color your experience in life.We then practice new thoughts and behaviors at the deepest level to align your subconscious mind with your conscious choices. (Coach Natalie’s Work/Life Expert Advice) (columnist 2003; contributor 2004) MOM’S BUSINESS MAGAZINE & THE BEST OF MOM’S BUSINESS MAGAZINE VOLUMES 1-4, Wyatt-Mac Kenzie Publishing by Renee Peterson Trudeau and Bella Guzman (Paperback – April 1, 2008) Excerpt – Front Matter: “…