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Asked to comment on whether this latest research poses a challenge to the effort to shut down Backpage’s adult section, Peter M.

This should have been a goddamn feast for them which is why De Rogatis called them out in the interview, and as of this post, they have yet to respond.

So below’s the full text which if there’s one thing you’re going to read today instead of working, make it this. It’s Christmas.) ‘Read the ‘Stomach-Churning’ Sexual Assault Accusations Against R.

In fact, the first lines of the report return to the supposedly resolved issue of sex ads on Craigslist: “Prostitution ads are back on Craigslist.

If they ever left in the first place.” As the report explains, shortly after the adult section was shuttered, AIM reviewed the classified site and found that “there were few if any blatant ads for prostitution.” But now, AIM has found that “ads that appear to be for paid sex work are posted regularly” on Craigslist.

What you’ll find is a fucked up tale of a man who didn’t just pee on one girl in some video, but systematically preyed on 14-year-olds, and possibly younger, without consequence for years thanks to a careful selection of his victims and the sad state of justice for the black community in America.