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The important question about these single people is: What can we do for them?Resilient singles: Some single people are resilient.

Sometimes one works in a place where people are encouraged to be married, and that is another challenge too.Right now I have no choice but to deal with one marriage-centric organization because I need to get something done and this is the only avenue.Do you find these activities more in the city or suburbs?I noticed you said you find more singles events where there's less parking, I was wondering if that meant city.Another important question is: How can vulnerable singles become resilient?

Or, how can specific vulnerabilities be overcome or transformed into strengths?I can't even get the leadership to return my emails, and even though I've been nothing less than pleasant I think their avoidance of me has much to do with my single status.Hiking, running and exercise groups seem to attract singles.I tend to keep my distance from churches or anything that is labeled "family friendly".I do understand that this is not always possible, as some people live in smaller communities.Singles are able to navigate public transportation, walk or ride their bikes to an event and don't care if there isn't a parking lot.