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Besides robbing power (it takes effort to just rotate the cams with the chains under tension), it doesn’t take too long before the rubbing blocks on the tensioners begin to wear away and even break up.

Harley Service Bulletins call for tensioner replacement every 20,000 miles.

I have realised that following traffic rules isn't enough to guarantee you a safe ride. The next thing I knew, the car jerked and there was a loud noise.

Even if you are right, someone else could be wrong and hit you. Has the driver of the vehicle that hit us been arrested?

Repeatedly replace those tensioners or cure the problem forever with a gear drive? There’s a caveat: Properly installing a gear drive isn’t as straightforward as it might seem and on some engines might not be advisable at all.

Certain Harley TCs, notably the early-year 96-inchers, are notorious for their excessive crank runout.Sneha Shaw, a 28-year-old Tata Consultancy Services executive, can't get over the sight of her young colleague Sayoni Mukherjee lying fatally injured next to her in the office car.The two of them were returning home from work - Sayoni's first time at night - with another colleague around 11.40 on Monday night when an unidentified vehicle rammed into the side of their car at Gouribari Lane near Ultadanga.The aim of be the web’s foremost guide to websites and domain name data.This website will make checking basic domain name data easy whilst adding new features to bring you as much data as we can.The first thing to consider, Jason says, or the second actually after the cams themselves, is the manner of drive. An OE Twin Cam engine, as the name implies, uses a pair of chains with some pretty hefty tensioners, and it’s those tensioners that can cause headaches down the road.