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Many sites are still inaccessible, and of those, sites that somehow evade control are usually blocked within hours.

They regard sex as a private matter and respect other people's choices."Some speculate the proliferation of social networking sites and Twitter-like services was taxing the Great Firewall, requiring the government to unblock some porn sites to free up capacity for other snooping."I think when the GFW realized they were not able to block all domain names, they reallocated resources to block more urgent or political sites," said Long, the tech blogger who is based in Shenzhen and would not give his real name in Chinese.

As part of the change, employees in the office that cracks down on pornography and unauthorized publications no longer have to report overseas-based porn sites to police because of the difficulties in tracking down Chinese involved, the state-run magazine Oriental Outlook reported in May.

Messages like that startled Chinese Web surfers, long accustomed to the authorities' Internet blockades.

The country had been in the midst of highly publicized anti-pornography sweeps, and there had been no announcement of any change in government policy.

In 2006, he started the People’s Supervision website, which breaks stories about official corruption in China.

He has had a couple of scoops — one about the widespread use of expired vaccines and others about crooked party apparatchiks — but nothing that’s gotten the reaction of a sexually explicit 36-second video released last week.

The government has not said why the porn sites were unblocked.

Repeated calls to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology went unanswered, and the Ministry of Public Security and State Council Information Office - all involved in Web monitoring - did not respond to faxed requests for comment. While the Internet is the most freewheeling of tightly cosseted media in China, the government has the most extensive Internet policing system, from technical filters that block sites based on certain words to human monitors who scan bulletin boards and micro-blogging posts. to clash publicly with China earlier this year and eventually close its China search engine and redirect users to Hong Kong.

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China has the world's largest online population of 420 million - more than the entire U. Tired of the controls, many Chinese have learned to get around "the Great Firewall," or GFW, as the system is known.