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While your solution does solve this instance of the problem, the solution limits the use of the web application to a single user. The solution is to disable it on your entity and you can do it by editing the Concurrency Mode attribute: Also, in your ig: Web Data Grid, you will need to add the Data Key Fields attribute: Hi, Thank you for your quick reply! Infragistics will need to confirm this though, as there are the experts. Please set the Data Field Name property for the field with ' Test Byte' key to correspond to a data field in the data source.

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Handle Raise Post Data Changed Event() 226Infragistics. The drawback to this work around is that this solution greatly reduces underlying data integrity and essentially limits record changing to one user at a time..an easy thing to program around especially when in stateless internet transactions. The Infragistics support tech went so far as to say: "Code Fluent Entities is a third party product that is not supported by Infragistics, and is not compatible with Infragistics tools." This is most surprising especially since, in February of 2012 "Infragistics signed a strategic alliance with Soft Fluent" (Reference: Infragistic - Codefluent Alliance). Removing concurrency does allow grid updating as expected. Hi, Well, the fact that infragistics says Code Fluent Entities "is not supported" just mean they won't provide any technical/official support for it which is understandable. This problems appears to be clearly in Infragisitics' domain but they seem unwilling to address this important flaw which only serves to brand their product as inferior. Will this subtle deprecation change the way Code Fluent handles this data type?

Instead, Microsoft recommends using Row Version (reference from MSDN: Row Version) instead of Timestamp when using SQL 2012.

I'm somewhat confident Infragistics will work on resolving this issue as well. It looks like the Web Data Grid doesn't support properties with a type that can be cast as an IList. I thought I would update you with Infragistics latest reply: After some research, using Data Fields with type byte[] for timestamp-based concurrency control has been determined to be a new product idea.

When you think about it, whether using CFE or not, who doesn't use the database timestamp field when updating a database record when concurrency is an issue? Thank you for your continued investigation of this matter. Hi Simon, Thank you for your reply and code work around.

Maybe we can have the best of both worlds :-)Thank you for your support anyway. However, as the two products are actually compatible, please ignore .... NET Data Grid View doesn't behave like this at all.

We'll have some senior technical people here next week, and we'll take a closer look at this issue. In fact, I was not aware of this “strategic partnership”.

I had contacted Infragistics and received less than a palatable response of not our problem.