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Like any other city, the nation's capital has a lot of advantages and disadvantages.

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Another problem is the public school system in the district, which is considered to be the worst in the nation.

If you dont want to pay for private school tuition to give your kids a good education, then moving to the suburbs is definitely a better choice.

Jobs: Although working in Washington DC means earning a higher salary, it also involves working longer hours to succeed professionally.

Many families tend to sacrifice family time to achieve their ultimate goal professionally.

With a total of 19 museums and art galleries, a visit to the Smithsonian will definitely keep you busy.

Are you insterested in musical and theatrical performance?

If so, the Kennedy Center provides free performances everyday at 6PM and no tickets are required.

If you like jazz, visit the American Art Museum every third Thursday for free live jazz, cool drinks and great art! The city offers plenty of entertainment, shopping, outdoor festivals, and excellent restaurants, bars and lounges.

People: Although DC residents tend to be friendlier than New Yorkers, they are considered to be unfriendly by outsiders because they avoid eye contact, rarely smile at strangers, and don't say "hello" when walking on an empty sidewalk.

Many people also tend to be politically correct and conservative.

For this reason, many Washingtonians prefer taking the Metro rather than driving.