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There are significant communities of German (mostly the Hunsrückisch, a High German language dialect) and Italian (mostly the Talian dialect, of Venetian origin) speakers in the south of the country, both of which are influenced by the Portuguese language.Not to mention the Slavic communities, Ukrainians and Poles which are also part of these minoritie languages.

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In the Southeast, it is common to eat Minas cheese, pizza, tutu, sushi, stew, polenta, and masses of macaroni, lasagna, and gnocchi.

In the South, these foods are also popular, but the churrasco is the typical meal of Rio Grande do Sul.

The Brazilian Sign Language (not signed Portuguese – it likely is descended from the French Sign Language), known by the acronym About 2/3 of the population are Roman Catholics.

Catholicism was introduced and spread largely by the Portuguese Jesuits, who arrived in 1549 during the colonization with the mission of converting the Indigenous people.

Minorite languages are spoken throughout the nation.

One hundred and eighty Amerindian languages are spoken in remote areas and a number of other languages are spoken by immigrants and their descendants.

Some regions of Brazil, especially Bahia, have particularly notable African inheritances in music, cuisine, dance and language.

Immigrants from Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Austria-Hungary and the Middle East played an important role in the areas they settled (mostly Southern and Southeastern Brazil).

The Society of Jesus played a large role in the formation of Brazilian religious identity until their expulsion of the country by the Marquis of Pombal in the 18th century.

In recent decades Brazilian society has witnessed a rise in Protestantism.

800–1400 AD), from cultures flourishing on Marajó Island and around the region of Santarém, and statuettes and cult objects, such as the small carved-stone amulets called muiraquitãs, also belong to these cultures.