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Always one to put family first, Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock celebrated the holiday season with her son, Louis, 4, on a vacation to Jackson Hole, Wyo., where she enrolled him in ski lessons so they could hit the slopes together.Along with her loving family, Sandra has great friends and a thriving career. “Sandra has everything a woman could want in life – except a good man,” confides a pal.

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A normal man could not have handled a loss like this, but he bounced back nicely, as you will see. ), they’re both actors (read: egos), and his mom hates her, but hey, I’m sure it’ll all work out.Bullock claims the two were never dating, so why was it reported that Scarlett approved of their relationship? Agnes Fischer is a German model who Reynolds hooked up with on the set of . But then all of a sudden, Ryan went cold on her." Getting Cozy?Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds Vacation Together Who knows what caused the relationship to chill, whether it was Blake or just the natural fizzling out of a romance, but either way, we bet Sandra will be just fine.She's doing her absolute best to hold her head high and act as if she's not bothered, but the truth is, she's very hurt."The source also mentioned how well things were going.

Sandra had even started to get her hopes up that the relationship would last.In fact, they seemed to have the same great heat from when they starred in 2009’s together!Furthermore, they’ve both been burned in love recently, and we think they complement each other so well.Despite the hopes and dreams that we all have where Sandy and Ry Ry are seen riding off on beautiful white horses into the sunset together, it looks like it's just that: hopes and dreams.Sandra has confirmed that she and Ryan are not only NOT dating, but she's also NOT planning on adopting another child with him. Sandra says that they are not "romantically involved," but they've just been good friends for over a decade. It's too bad because Sandra deserves a good man and Ryan deserves a good girl. And don’t forget how many times they were spotted together after they split from their significant others — especially their hot New Year’s Eve date!