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Neal and Mozzie are ready to give up the treasure for Elizabeth and Neal and Peter work on some bromance trust issues while trying to stall Keller long enough for Diana and Jones to locate Elizabeth.

Because Keller confesses to stealing the treasure, Neal doesn’t go to prison and is offered a chance at freedom.

Peter Burke, the agent who put Neal in prison to begin with, quickly catches up with Neal, where it is revealed that Kate has left only a bottle of Bordeaux behind at their apartment.

In "Out of the Box" (1.14), after Neal locates Kate, who has boarded an airplane, he witnesses her death.Over the second season, Neal reveals much about his past.Keller kidnapped Peter’s wife Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen) in order to ransom a treasure Neal and his fellow con, Mozzie (Willie Garson), had in their possession.Peter and Diana spent much of last season trying to find out if Neal had the treasure and Peter is justifiably pissed off that a psychopath has snatched his wife to get it.Neal uses his position at the FBI in order to get closer to Kate; however, after her death, he uses it to find her killer.

During the first season, Neal spends much of his time researching Kate's disappearance.Throughout the series, Neal helps the FBI solve difficult cases, using his vast knowledge of white collar crime.He is a skilled thief and art forger, among other criminal activities.Months later, Neal and Kate discovered that Adler had been caught running a Ponzi scheme, and they lost all of their money.After Kate realized that Neal was conning her as well, she left him and began running her own cons. After the two confessed their love, Neal was arrested (for the first time) by Peter.The principal cast of the series has remained mostly the same throughout the series.