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You can also check out all of Abby’s social media pages to hear about updates on the campaign!It's obvious, even from her facial expressions, that Abby Elliott still has mixed feelings about her time on ' SNL.' Which seems like a completely normal reaction, considering how all-encompassing the demands of that show can be for be anyone, especially someone like Elliott, who had four full seasons (she joined the cast for the eighth show of the 2008-2009 season) on the show, and was then not brought back for a fifth. As for what she’d like to see happen if the show gets another season?

You know, I think it's fun when villains are a little soft-spoken and not so, you know, in your face. You're so known for comedy, it that what you want to continue doing? Well, I'm waiting on a pilot, a multi-cam sitcom, which I really like that -- you know, in front of an audience, which I'm comfortable.

I love doing that, ' How I Met Your Mother' and that sort of think and finding the jokes and hitting them and all that.

While we hope for a third season, y with Lauren Miller, Aaron Tveit and Kal Penn.

It’s set to premiere in October 2016, and we can’t wait!

The "Saturday Night Live" star, 46, who married the "Mad Men" actress in October 2009, only to end the relationship in June 2010, admits he was a crappy husband.

In an interview with Howard Stern on his Sirius XM radio show in early January, Armisen discussed how he feels about Moss' comments on their short-lived union.

The show just had it’s season finale at the end of August, and she (and basically the rest of the world) are hoping for a third season!

“The finale left us with sort of a cliffhanger…Fingers crossed for season 3 because I would love to see what happens after the season 2 finale,” she said.

Aside from her crazy acting schedule, Abby has teamed up with Maytag to raise awareness for “No Smear Campaign.” Maytag launched a Google Chrome plug-in August 25, that actually blocks negative, smearing content on Facebook and Twitter and replaces it with humorous, lighthearted content.

Not to mention, “it’s great because it doesn’t completely hide what your friends are saying, it just hides if they’re saying something negative,” Abby told us. “Maytag works with political scientists to identify the smear words and coincidentally they’re also coming out with a line of no smear stainless appliances.

In a bit of a turn for Elliott, she plays Vanessa, the villain in a story about the friendship between a straight woman, Paige (Gillian Jacobs), and her lesbian best friend, Sasha (Leighton Meester) and the tribulations that follow as they start dating Tim (Adam Brody) and Vanessa (Elliott), respectively.