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In July 2015 he was found guilty of harassment without violence at West London Magistrates' Court, having waged a two-year campaign of abuse on social media against fellow actor Noel Clarke.

I smell a rat here, the Baftas trying to look cool for young people!' What they didn't realise was that there's a lot of love for me out there on the street, you know?He added: "There was plainly a long-running feud between Mr Deacon and Mr Clarke dating back to 2010 at the very least."Perhaps Mr Deacon had justifiable reasons for feeling aggrieved towards Mr Clarke, perhaps he did not.Deacon's breakthrough came when he landed a starring role in the urban drama film Kidulthood.

He then worked with Kidulthood writer Noel Clarke on a number of other projects until 2011, including the sequel Adulthood,, and the one-off television pilot West 10 LDN.I do need to warn you that if you fail to attend on that date at that time that there may be a further charge against you for which you can be imprisoned.7 years after the release of Adulthood, Noel Clarke is gearing up for the final part of his trilogy: Brotherhood.In hundreds of "consistent and continuous" posts on social media he branded Clarke a "bully" before accusing him of sabotaging his career.Oscar Merry, defending, said in mitigation that Deacon, who is currently unemployed, has a "history of mental health difficulties"."He would bully and belittle me on set in front of people - it would be a constant thing," the actor said.