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Aside from cutting their cost, they also managed to bring a lot of memories during the celebration as most of the guests have worked together with one another in previous telenovelas.

In no particular check them out and pick your favourite; The couple met in 2009 on set of "Más Sabe el Diablo." They welcomed a baby boy, Nickolas Canela Espino, on February 12, 2012.In August 2014, the couple announced their breakup through a joint statement.Since they began dating last year, the relationship of the pair has raised several notches higher as the two are now very much in love and it is showing in both their faces.Sebastian and Angelique are so in love with each other that speculations have been going around that the two are on course to their engagement and perhaps wedding bells too.After denying it over and over again – they are finally coming clean! The actor wrote the following on social media: “First coworkers, then friends, and THANKS to time and God who is perfect, today we are united by the love we have for each other and we want to continue walking side by side with our feet on the ground and our gaze on the moon! al tiempo de Dios que es perfecto, Hoy estamos unidos por el Amor que nos tenemos y queremos seguir caminando Juntos.

Después de negarlo tantas veces – al fin lo admiten! El actor publicó lo siguiente en las redes sociales: “Primero compañeros, luego Amigos y GRACIAS..!!

As to when will that be exactly, only the two of them know at this time.

Aside from being a handsome couple and looking good together, there is obvious compatibility both on paper and on the personal background of Angelique and Sebastian. The 27-year-old Angelique Boyer was born on July 4 while the 40-year-old Sebastian was born on July 6.

The beginning of the romance During the early stages of their dating, the two were spotted being sweet to one another onboard the Harley-Davidson of Sebastian.

Everyone in the Mexican film and TV industry knows how deeply in love actors Sebastian Rulli and Angelique Boyer with one another.

Mexican tabloids recently reported Angelique Boyer was pregnant after she sported what some interpreted to be a ‘baby bump’.