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She admits she never online dated, as she met her husband “the old fashioned way,” at a club.But she was going to help her childhood friend Erin date online.They are all sitting on a cozy couch, facing the camera. Then she recites a laundry list of errands she needs the Uber driver to take her to: “We’re going to the doctor but first we have to go to this vintage store then I have community service.” He suggests Nicole practice parking between a trash can and a cardboard cut out of Lionel Richie.

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The writing is great and Nicole is cute and charming, even when she is being an asshole for “reality’s” sake.The intro, our heroine filmed in front of a white screen, shows Nicole talking freely to the viewers.But the little battler pulled through this and several other emergencies during which his parents were told to prepare for the worse.He has now been diagnosed with congenital myasthenia syndrome, a muscle weakness which makes it difficult for him to breathe and swallow.Erin says, “I kind of like this version of myself.” You mean this crazy, e-loving, pill-popping version of yourself? We then see Nicole driving to lunch with Erin and Ben Lyons from E!

, who I recognize immediately as that douche who sometimes hangs out with Giuliana.

She orders red wine, because she’s “classy” “Let’s talk about Erin.” Nicole breaks up with him and tells him he’s obsessed with her and they have to end it.

When she leaves, she whispers “I love you.” I giggle A LOT.

to chat about her experience portraying Marcia Clark, the head prosecutor in the OJ Simpson trial.

It turns out that the two women were able to bond over common ground when they first met face-to-face.

At the end of the show, she interviews people on the street about online dating.