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Burt then calls Malory and asks her out to a movie premiere that night.

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Sterling agrees to a bet: If Burt can't catch up to them, he will leave for Hollywood and never call Malory again, and if he does, he can be allowed to continue dating Malory.Sterling agrees to this, which results in a hectic car chase that frightens Sterling some, despite Burt's expert driving that allows him to achieve many Hollywood driving stunts.He edited much of the episode's script, after receiving it from Reed."The Man from Jupiter" was well received by television commentators, who praised the episode's cultural references, character development, and the storylines.After gushing to Burt about how much of a fan he is, Archer learns that—much to his horror—Burt is dating his mother Malory Archer (Jessica Walter).

A shocked Sterling passes out in the establishment, and by the next day is seen with a black eye.Lana, along with Cyril Figgis (Chris Parnell) and Ray Gillette (Adam Reed), go to try to reason with Sterling.Once there, they encounter the Cuban hit squad, who believe Gillette is the real Sterling based on the recon photo they have (taken during the events of "Honeypot") and a firefight begins."We sent him the script beforehand and he noted the script up pretty good.But it was all to make it more self-deprecating." Reed, a fan of Reynolds, said that working with him was a great experience.However, Lana Kane (Aisha Tyler) quickly figures out that the letter was written by Sterling himself (citing how no star actor uses the term "Tinseltown").