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If I were forced to pick a favorite city to visit on tour it would have to be Seattle, WA. So I felt like I wanted to include them both in my last tour recap blog post. We spent them trekking through the city trying our best to blend in like locals and find the best coffee treats. Christie Du Pree’s exact Charlotte Tarantola Field Game Cardigan from Anthropologie (8.00) is sold out, but you can buy a very similar Stripe Cardigan Sweater (.26) from the same designer.Say Anything also recently announced a very special live line-up for the upcoming tour, which will include Fred Mascherino from The Color Fred, Taking Back Sunday, Breaking Pangea and Terrible Things, Greg Dunn from Moving Mountains, Kenny Bridges from Moneen, Reed Murray from Tallhart and Garron Du Pree of Eisley. But I really do think I wouldn’t have been able to write a single song if it wasn’t for the drive to make things better,” Max admits.For Max, music stands alongside Sherri and Lucy on his list of great loves, and he’ll be able to conquer anything with all three there to support and encourage him. “As much as my music has always been dark, I could never sit down and write a song about how the world is cruel and nothing matters.” Thankfully, Max doesn’t have to go through the journey alone.

Over 16 artists provided guest vocals to Hebrews, which include Chris Conley (Saves The Day), Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids), Chauntelle Du Pree-D’Agostino (Eisley), Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die), Brian Sella (The Front Bottoms), Aaron Weiss (mewithout You), Stacy King (Eisley), Bob Nanna (Braid), Christie Du Pree (Merriment), Jeremy Bolm (Touche? ), Tom De Longe (blink-182), Andy Hull (Manchester Orchestra),and the aforementioned Gareth and Kim Campesinos, Jon Simmons and Sherri Du Pree-Bemis.I’ve been through a lot in the past couple years and, although the record can be dense and specific, I tried to speak of the cyclical journey we all go on to better understand ourselves.” One of the major life events Bemis experienced while writing, recording and producing this record was the birth of his first daughter, Lucy.Though tickled by impending fatherhood, Max was soon plagued by past demons he’d spent years working hard to bury.Du Pree-Bemis's drawings can be seen on much of the Eisley merchandise, as well as on most of their album artwork.Du Pree-Bemis appears on various songs with sister Stacy, including "Dance Party Plus" by Head Automatica and "Unglued" by Fair.He’s always strived to find a balance between truth and fantasy.