Who is dating brendan frasier

writer Chris Morgan to develop a multi-film universe where Universal's classic monster movie library can be resurrected!Related: Tom Is 'Freaking Out' Over Leah Remini's Scientology Tell-All!

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CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Celebs Who Have Gone Broke Or Bankrupt!

" CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Celebs Who Have Gone Broke Or Bankrupt!

“The debilitating injury left him requiring correction back correction surgery, which he was performed in a private Beverly Hills clinic.

Then, he had to undergo rehabilitation and was even using a stroller for a while, the injury was so bad.

Brendan James Fraser was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, to Canadian parents Carol Mary (Genereux), a sales counselor, and Peter Fraser, a journalist and travel executive.

He is of Irish, Scottish, German, Czech, and French-Canadian ancestry.“In his efforts to clear up after the storm, Brendon grabbed his chainsaw and tried to cut the fallen tree free.As the chainsaw went through the bark, Brendan’s back gave way, and he was left in excruciating pain.The studio is trying to develop a Marvel or DC Comics style universe for its famous characters — but instead of Iron Man and Thor, it will be Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and The Wolf Man!So basically, Universal's answer to y reboot, Cruise will reportedly play a major part in development of the revival. ) other than that it will be set in present day, not like the previous Brendan Fraser-led installments!“Brendan’s trying to reduce his alimony because he suffered a serious injury that could really impact his movie earning potential,” a source close to the actor tells Radar.