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“People want to set me up all the time and I’m like, ‘No way.’ If I meet someone and we go out, then fine, but I’m not going to go look…” She makes a puke noise and grins.

Speaking of men, she remains close to her boys: “We don’t play for money. It’s how we keep in touch.” And Jon Hamm in particular is a pal.

Jones is also known for her role as Cadence Flaherty, the love interest of both Steve Stifler and Paul Finch in the 2003 comedy film American Wedding, the third installment of the American Pie film series.

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She also appeared in the AMC original television drama series Mad Men for seven seasons as young suburban housewife and mother Betty Draper Francis.She received two Golden Globe nominations and one Emmy nomination for her performances. Jones looks like she should be carrying an axe, not Givenchy shades. A professional idiot, Forte has married the first woman he meets and then regrets it when he finds the second woman on earth: Jones’s Melissa. On Xander’s birthday she posted: “Five years today I became whole because you came into this world.” Xander is still surrounded by strong women. Four of her closest girlfriends all had their children at the same time. From the neck up, Jones looks like a Hitchcock heroine: white blonde hair and translucent skin. She’s a funky 1990s throwback in black and red lumberjack shirt, Paige jeans and chunky Choo boots. Created by and starring Will Forte, it’s about a man searching for survivors after a virus wipes out the planet. And I was embarrassed – your body does all these crazy things. I’d love to do it again.” She says motherhood has only changed her for the better.If the pair ever got together, they'd definitely have a lot of happy fans.

On-screen chemistry doesn't always spill over into real-life.

It reads “Crawl inside this body – find me where I am most ruined, love me ’s steel magnolia and a woman known to walk around the house in a cocktail dress. All those shitty things dads accidentally do.” Her male friends “want to be around him because he’s such a fun kid”, but she’s candid about the fact that she doesn’t have a partner.

She orders Quiche Lorraine and coffee “with cream and sugar”. She says, “It’s dark and different and I love that challenge.” And, since it shoots in LA, “It has enabled me to provide stability for my son, Xander.” She moved up to Topanga Canyon three years ago, driven out of town by the press scrutiny surrounding the identity of Xander’s father [she became pregnant in 2011, after filming , and has refused to discuss her son’s paternity]. “My younger sisters [Jacey and Jina] and my mum and my doula were in the room. She counts Rose Byrne and Amy Adams as inner circle, and follows Naomi Watts, Diane Kruger and Marion Cotillard on Instagram. “Maybe I should get a manny soon,” she says, a tad concerned.

A so-called “insider” tells the magazine, “In a lot of ways, Josh is the perfect guy for January.” The alleged source explains, “He’s not much of a partier. Plus they have a ton of mutual friends,” including his ex-girlfriend.

The same questionable insider continues, “January hates going behind Diane’s back, but she isn’t exactly pushing Josh away either.” “If they don’t come clean soon though, things could get messy,” further contends the supposed “source.” The only thing that’s really “messy” is the tabloid’s reporting.

She is best known for playing Betty Draper in the television series Mad Men (2007–15), as well as for notable roles in American Wedding (2003), We Are Marshall (2006), and in the 2011 films Unknown, Seeking Justice, and X-Men: First Class.