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A fugitive from justice, also known as a wanted person, can be a person who is either convicted or accused of a crime and hiding from law enforcement in the state or taking refuge in a different country in order to avoid arrest.

Interpol is the international authority for the pursuit of trans-border fugitives. Marshals Service is the primary law enforcement agency that tracks down federal fugitives, though the Federal Bureau of Investigation also tracks fugitives.

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Credit card and cell phone activities and electronic transfer of money can also be traced. Jail records are also sometimes used; for instance, after the U. Government determined that Timothy Mc Veigh had perpetrated the Oklahoma City Bombing, he was found in a local jail.

Various countermeasures can be used by fugitives, as described in books such as The Paper Trip and Perpetual Traveler, to make it difficult for others to find them.

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In many jurisdictions, a fugitive who flees custody while a trial is underway loses the right to appeal any convictions or sentences imposed on him, since the act of fleeing is deemed to flout the court's authority.

Recently, convicted rapist Andrew Luster had his appeals denied on the basis that he spent six months as a fugitive (he was convicted in absentia).

Joy Hammes died in a fire at their home in 2003 while Hammes was out for a walk.

It also emerged that he had a secret daughter born in 1989 who none of his family knew about.

A person who has jumped bail after arraignment in court may be hunted or pursued by his bail bondsman, and a bounty may be "on his head." The act of fleeing from the jurisdiction of a court is described colloquially as "fleeing justice" or "running from the Law." A "wanted poster" may be issued, especially by the FBI, culminating in the "FBI's Most Wanted List" of fugitives.