Who is lohan dating

She’s fallen for Egor Tarabasov, 22, who is currently living in London where Lindsay, 29, has taken up residence too. His dad is 50-year-old millionaire, Dmitry Tarabasov who has several businesses in Moscow. We just love seeing people in love, especially Lindsay.

She captioned a recent pic of him with the words, “I love him.” 5.Watch Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls right here on Amazon.Here is a more comlete list of those that Lindsay has dated: Lukas Haas- the pair met at a night club and dated for a few months.Orlando Bloom- this couple was never confirmed or denied by either camp so dating specifics are unclear.The pair met at an awards show and hit it off starting one of the most tumultuous relationships that Hollywood has ever seen.

During one of her down times with Wilmer, Lindsay dated Harry Judd for a brief moment in 2005.

Justin Timberlake- this is a rumored hook up that was never confirmed.

Aaron Carter- This pair dated for over a year before Aaron moved on to Hillary Duff, Lindsay’s Disney Channel rival.

After Aaron came Damien Fahey, MTV host and television personality.

This somewhat older man held Lindsay’s heart for a year from 2003-2004. After Damien came her most famous boyfriend, That 70’s Show alum, Wilmer Valderrama.

Lindsay then dated Courtenay Semel for a year during 20.