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Walsh went head to head with Pete Waterman on the show, with his all-girl band Girls Aloud, battling it out against Pete’s boy band, One True Voice.

His gamble paid off and in 1980 Johnny Logan won the 25th Eurovision Song Contest in front of 500 million viewers.Logan’s first album sold half a million copies and within three days of its release had catapulted to Number One in eleven European countries.Nevertheless, it swung a wrecking ball into the heart of Walsh’s life and was the start of 18 months of hell for The X Factor judge.In a way, it is horribly ironic that Louis Walsh, of all people, should have fallen foul of a newspaper in such a terrible way. All these websites, all these phone cameras, all these people trying to make money . .’Even so, despite the trauma of the past months, nothing can quite dim his elfish joie de vivre. He never wanted a family — ‘I couldn’t think of anything worse than having children: I am too selfish’ — and likes nothing better than watching box sets of American shows on one of his six TVs. He has lost weight over the past year due to the stress, but he still looks terrific and has bags of energy.Walsh was also the mastermind behind Lulu’s duet album featuring stars such as Paul Mc Cartney, Sting and Elton John and her most successful release to date, reaching Number Four in the charts.

In 2001, Walsh made his first foray into television on the Irish version of Popstars.

Walsh’s first taste of success came relatively late when he spotted an artist called Johnny Logan.

Walsh was convinced that Logan could be a big hit if he was given the right break and persuaded him to sing at The Eurovision Song Contest.

Walsh reportedly told the press: "He (Keating) wasn't the most talented one - he's not a great singer and he's got no personality." Keating told Closer magazine: "That man absolutely tried to ruin me and if he thinks we can ever hug and make up he can forget it.

I haven't heard from him in three years and I wouldn't have a problem if I never saw him again.

As you may already know, Louis Walsh and Caroline Flack are husband and wife.