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I don’t have any money in my bank account.” I think Andrew [Cook, ARTTM drummer] even started working at a bar for a while. And then like a week before came out, Tim [Kirch], my manager, hits me up and he’s like, “Hey, we’re gonna release the live show from Sao Paulo tonight at midnight for free, you think that’s cool? The record’s coming out next week; this will hype it up.” And I think he said we got like 700 downloads the first night. A label would be like, “Oh, we have to approve this by a hundred people,” and then it would just get so lost that people would forget about it and it would disappear, and then you’d be like, “Hey, weren’t we supposed to release something?

” [laughs] Like, we went through that so many times.

Well, when I started [Rocket], it was almost like an experiment.I was like, “Oh, I’ll put some songs online,” and it kinda got some traction.So I think it’s just staying positive and actually having motivation to keep doing it.What’s been the hardest thing for you to stay positive through?Labels hit us up and then Johnny [Minardi], who signed me to Fueled By Ramen, he found me because he was on My Space.

Just because you have a My Space doesn’t mean major labels aren’t looking for that stuff.I never heard anything back on the physical side, but I heard back because he found my My Space. What would you say is the best music discovery tool online now that the My Space days are over? You Tube is like Chinese to me–I don’t understand it at all. I have one and I just use it for my mom to keep in touch with me on tour. So I guess I would say Twitter…but you can’t listen to music on Twitter. He’s really cool–he’s just like southern rock, kinda folk stuff. The response looks like it’s been amazing so far–has it been everything you hoped for? I don’t think I’ve seen anything bad, which is cool, besides like the, “I miss Rocket! Some of the songs on there kinda pick up where we left off. What are some of the biggest lessons you learned from your early days in music and doing things independently that you’re bringing to the table now?I think it’s kind of ironic cause I started with the internet thing, Myspace and all that. We use Spotify a lot because you can go on there and hit “similar artists”–like, you go on and type in “Tom Petty” and then you go down and it’ll tell you similar stuff. Ryan Adams all the time–we always put on Ryan Adams. I think as I’m getting older–I’ll be 26 at the end of this month–it’s really easy to fall into like, the whole negative thing while being on tour.Just because I had a My Space doesn’t mean anything.People liked my music and that’s how I got discovered.“Oh, there’s nobody at my show, no one likes me,” that kind of thing.