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Benzino, who we find hard to believe in any situation after seeing his LAHH foolery, hit up Z107.9 recently where he dished on Stevie J and her relationship with Karlie Redd. Benzino from Love & Hip Hop chatted it up with radio host Colby Colb in Cleveland about the finale and reunion show.

And he revealed there will definitely be fireworks.

When asked if he thought she tried to use him, he said you can only get "used" to the extent you allow it to happen. Benzino said, On Stevie J loving 2 women: We are capable of loving more than one person. Whatever he's going through on camera, he's going through twice as much off camera.

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Benzo shoulda knew better about that trick..an indastreet hoe!! She is trying to get a free lunch ticket, and thats it!! I would've talked that talk to get in them panty draws too!!

So now that this news is out there, the question is, would you date Benzino?

As we know from the show, he has a sensitive side (remember when Karlie had him crying after he made her breakfast in bed?

Then again Benzino is walking around with no neck (because he stuck his steriod needles in it) looking like his body was built for not having legs, so I don't think he is too sharp!

Kar Lot had 3 different love interests during the course of one season, clearly she was f*cking him for studio time!

He also revealed that he was really feeling Karlie Redd (sigh) and what they had was serious...the time.