Who is shepard smith dating

An indifference to asking for accountability and remembering that these are people’s lives and reputations here before repeating, unquestioningly, that they’re closeted or major homophobes.

But as Trotter himself repeatedly points out, he cannot confirm any such thing.It is equally (if not more) likely that Graziano and Smith’s relationship is totally consensual and, until the onset of this harassment at least, a joy for both of them.Who cares if the story itself had serious inconsistencies? Smith, generally regarded as the closest thing to a likable, rational-thinking individual in the Fox News stable, is a frequent obsession of Gawker and Trotter, in particular, who’s pretty determined to reveal to the world Smith’s personal life, regardless of how weird or flat-out harassing he may come off as in the process.Trotter has run several stories focusing on Smith’s sexuality in the past few months, while Smith, for his part, remains private about his relationships and orientation. ” By Wednesday afternoon, the story had been picked up and repeated ad nauseam throughout the media-on-media vortex of self-absorption.

Trotter published a piece alleging that “Fox News Shoved Shepard Smith Back Into the Closet” and asking, “Why hasn’t Shepard Smith come out yet?The rest of the post contains breathless speculation about Graziano’s current state of employment, as well as a thrilling account of Trotter’s failed attempts to contact Smith or the no doubt freaked-out Graziano for comment via telephone, fax, email, text, and every other technology known to man.The way I just presented the story, it reads like a standard office romance, those perhaps ill-advised relationships that nevertheless are handled professionally by countless HR departments every day.’s current obsession with Fox News anchor Shepard Smith and the widely held understanding that he is gay. K Trotter is so misguided (not to mention creepy, stalkerish, and almost uniformly unpopular even with If you missed the beginning of this crusade, check out Mark Joseph Stern’s response to Trotter’s original weird, apropos-of-nothing, pseudo-outing from earlier this week: The short version is that a waitress claims that last March Smith was rude to her in a bar while sitting with a younger man who she and others claim is his boyfriend. Like Mark, I’m unsure what purpose this story was intended to serve, but regardless, one left the post wondering why Trotter held so much disdain (decorated cutely, of course, in dry journalese) for a man who is pretty much the only person at Fox News who But catching Smith in an admittedly nasty moment appears not to have been enough for Trotter.His post today is a trenchant investigation of the alleged boyfriend, 26-year-old Giovanni Graziano, and the circumstances of his involvement with Smith.The couple were married for only six years before divorcing. In 2013 news outlet Gawker suggested that Smith had begun a relationship with Fox News production assistant Giovanni Graziano.