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I hope some day to get to do another sitcom and to do television again. We do stay in touch but we just don’t get to go in every morning at and get to play like we did.” With her unique brand of humor, let’s hope Reba doesn’t stay away from the small screen too long.

I hope that I’m blessed enough to where it’s that [kind of] ensemble, that family, where we all got along.

was being cancelled, there were rumors that the show might continue — either on another network or in the form of a spin-off. While there’s no official word that the spin-off was ever seriously being considered, it seems pretty certain that it won’t be happening. There were rumors that cable channel Lifetime (that airs castmembers would stop by as needed (or as the budget would allow).The show would also likely be too expensive for a cable channel like Lifetime.In a recent press conference to promote her music, Reba Mc Entire talked about and the possibilities of a return.Both Howey and Garcia have just been cast in new series pilots.

Howey has been cast as the lead in a new sitcom called It’s based on a British series that was created by Simon Nye.Before ‘Reba,’ Rich was best known for his role as Miller Redfield on ‘Murphy Brown.’ Now: Since ‘Reba’ ended in 2007, Rich has portrayed recurring characters on several other televisions shows, including ‘Boston Legal,’ and ‘Desperate Housewives.’ He currently plays Melissa Joan Hart’s dad on ABC Family’s ‘Melissa & Joey.’ Melissa Peterman (Barbra Jean Hart) Then: Melissa Peterman’s larger-than-life character, Barbra Jean, wanted nothing more than to become besties with her new husband’s ex-wife.By the end of the series, the air-headed Barbra Jean finally gets her wish: Reba admits that she is her closest friend.At the beginning of the series, Van was the high school quarterback and star of the football team, but ultimately ends up as Reba’s business partner.Now: Howey has continued to act, with a part in the 2009 Anne Hathaway/Kate Hudson comedy, ‘Bride Wars,’ and a one-episode stint in ‘Psych.’ Most notably, he currently stars as Kev Ball on HBO’s ‘Shameless.’ Scarlett Pomers (Kyra Hart) Then: Kyra was Reba and Brock’s rebellious, punky middle child, always ready with a sarcastic comeback.From 2001-2007, ‘Reba’ warmed our hearts, made us laugh, and secretly made us wish we had a bizarre blended family dynamic like the Harts’.