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If they can explain why that matrix does not produce a steady-state vector, try to get them to formalize their reasons into a conjecture about the necessary and sufficient conditions for a matrix to have one.In addition, you might pause here to have your students consider what properties a matrix needs to be a transition matrix.Our goal is to educate people, transform their thinking, and affect positive community change.Vector Communications is a Certified M/WBE and DBE in Missouri and Illinois.Such control has been proven to successfully reduce or interrupt malaria transmission when coverage is sufficiently high.

The two core, broadly applicable measures for malaria vector control are long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) and indoor residual spraying (IRS).

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The WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES) coordinates the testing and evaluation of pesticides for public health, and makes recommendations on vector-control tools such as LLINs, insecticides for IRS, and other vector-control interventions as appropriate.

The WHO Vector Control Advisory Group (VCAG) on new tools and the Technical Expert Group on Malaria Vector Control (VCTEG) are the two main advisory bodies addressing policy topics related to malaria vector control.

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