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Harwood was one of 50 contestants from across the country to literally “catch” Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs tight end. Harwood still believes true love can be found on reality TV, telling, Harwood told that it is “definitely possible” to find love on a television reality show, but takes self discipline.

And yes, he is the younger brother to Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce. 50 women vied for the heart of the professional football player. “You really have to stay true to yourself,” she said.

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Maybelle Carter leads a rendition of the song on the 1972 album Will the Circle be Unbroken, and frequently performed the song in concert with Johnny Cash and on his The Johnny Cash Show.

The Carter version of the song is considered the premier example of "the Carter Scratch", a form of acoustic guitar playing in which the musician (in the case of the Carters, most notably Maybelle herself) plays both the melody and rhythm lines simultaneously.

Several mondegreens and malapropisms are evident between the two songs (for example, "and the crowd I will sway" in "I'll Twine 'Mid the Ringlets" became "in his crown I will sway" in "Wildwood Flower"), and later musicians produced further variants.

For example, Iris De Ment sings "..pale emanita and hyssop so blue".

"Ride the Wild Wind" is a song by British rock band Queen.

The song was written by Roger Taylor (but credited to Queen) and sung by Freddie Mercury.

In 1960, Joan Baez included the song on her debut album.

In 1961, country instrumentalists Gerald Tomlinson and Jerry Kennedy recorded a version called "Golden Wildwood Flower", which reached number 93 in the Music Vendor pop chart.

I'll think of him never I'll be wildly gay, I'll charm ev'ry heart And the crowd I will sway, I'll live yet to see him Regret the dark hour When he won, then neglected, The frail wildwood flower.

He told me he loved me, And promis'd to love, Through ill and misfortune, All others above, Another has won him, Ah!

This time, the song involved all of the other members, that gave life to a fast song with beating drums and rhythmic bass line, eerily note-for-note similar to The Smiths' "Shakespeare's Sister", which create the sensation of speed and engine's roar.