Will updating iphone lock it

I've been using i OS 10 for a couple of months now, and I still find myself resting my finger on the home button and waiting for Touch ID to unlock my i Phone and show my home screen.

When picking up an i Phone running i OS 10, the screen will automatically turn on.

As developers begin to update apps for i OS 10, the real magic of widgets on i OS 10 will be revealed.

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Swiping to the right on the lock screen will reveal the Today view.This is where you can interact with widgets, ranging from what's next on your calendar, Activity app stats or sports scores.Thankfully, Apple has provided a way for users to revert the home button's old behavior.Meaning once you wake your device -- either by lifting it, pressing the wake button, or pressing the home button -- you can complete the unlock press by resting your finger on the home button (instead of having to push it again).Users who have already unlocked their i OS 7 i Phone by IMEI code and wish to install i OS 8: Step 1. Important Notes: The company is not responsible for the i OS 8 bug and thus we do not offer refunds to customers who have already ordered factory IMEI unlock from us or are planning to order it in the future.

Once you got an email that confirms that your i OS 7 cell phone is permanently unlocked, you have to activate your new unlocked status. Do not activate / restore your i Phone via i Tunes in this case. How to Update Your Lock's Firmware August Smart Lock firmware update will notify you and begin automatically. Once your lock has completed "Update 2 of 2" you will see a "Updating Lock Firmware" screen.It will then continue the update and begin the last part "Update 1 of 1". Please wait while the last part of the firmware update completes "Update 1 of 1".We’ll explain how to activate i Phone after unlock on i OS 7 to avoid being locked again.There is nothing complicated about this but you have to follow the step-by-step guide and not come across i OS 8 update i Phone relock issue. Remove your original SIM card [of the carrier you are locked to] and insert any other SIM that was previously not supported. You will see the following message “Activation Required” and this is exactly what you need. Connect to your active Wi Fi network and i OS firmware will do the rest for you and activate your new status. Once you are activated you can install i OS 8 using Wi Fi or i Tunes. Users who are going to order i OS 7 i Phone factory IMEI unlock service: Step 1.In i OS 10, gone is the staple i OS feature of slide-to-unlock, replaced with the requirement to press the home button to unlock your device.