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Do you need a child domain created or do you just want to have a DC with a different domain suffix?Please elaborate on your expectations, plans and expected end results, to better address your concerns.

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In this article, we’ll talk about the steps to configure forward lookup zone in Server 2012 R2.As we know that DNS is used for name resolution, it resolves host name to IP address and IP address to host name.Nameserver (NS), Start of Authority (SOA) and glue Host (A) records.5. It would give you an option to either create a new Zone file or use and existing Zone file.Type the name of Domain for which you are configuring DNS. We are creating first DNS therefore we’ll create new file. In Dynamic Update window, select an option “Allow both nonsecure and secure dynamic updates”.To make things clear, for every zone there should be a domain controller with the same name right ?

Let's say that I want to add com on the same dns server names test.com, somewhere there should be a DC responsible for com right ?Dynamic update will automatically update records of client machine i.e. On the “Completing the New Zone Wizard”, click on Finish to complete the wizard.9.if you change and IP address of any client machine, it would be changed on the server automatically. We can go back to the DNS Manager window to check if the new forward lookup zone is created or not.10.Click on Start button, select the down arrow and select DNS. DNS manager can also be open by typing “dnsmgmt.msc” in run or in command prompt.2. Right click Forward lookup and select “New Zone”.3.On the welcome wizard, click on next to continue.4.Forward lookup zone is used to resolve Hostname to IP Address, it automatically gets configured in Domain Controllers but we have to install DNS and configure Forward Lookup zone for Member Servers.