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And even if we did all love and appreciate one another, sometimes we want to be with people just like ourselves. It seems that most AIDS-service organizations and AIDS activist groups sprung forth from gay hands.

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For less computer-savvy readers, many of the sites mentioned here feature listings of people who are looking for pen pals.Most of these sites provide links to other sites, and, perhaps more importantly, mailing addresses to other heterosexuals who are out there trying to hook up with each other, and with you. When you are on the computer, you can present yourself however you like -- and so can everyone else. Things (and people) aren't always what or who they seem to be. If you hook up with someone on the Internet and you plan on meeting in person, do so in a public place.This shocking revelation comes courtesy of Markus Frind, founder of the immensely popular dating site Plenty of Fish, who explained his reason for shutting down the site’s casual sex section by announcing that of the site’s 3.3 million daily U. users, there are only 6,041 “women” looking for a no-strings hookup — and, even still, many of them are actually men. First is the hypothesis of feminine exploration: “Due to the pressure of cultural stereotypes, it may be difficult for some men to explore within themselves what society labels as ‘feminine’ characteristics” and the “anonymity of cyberspace” allows them to “express their ‘feminine’ side which they feel they must otherwise hide.”Second is a theory of attention-seeking.He told users that the “Intimate Encounters” section “can be summed up as a bunch of horny men talking to a bunch of horny men pretending to be women.” Of course, I’m kidding about this being surprising news. “Donning a female name and/or avatar, especially a sexy one, will almost instantly draw reactions,” he writes.I know that not everyone owns a computer, but AIDS Project Los Angeles and some other organizations provide computers for individuals to use, free of charge.

If you don't have regular access to a computer, or computers are not your communication-method-of-choice, I would venture to assume that sending an introductory e-mail or postal letter to some of these people will get you a bunch of phone numbers and mailing addresses.Although these websites are created and maintained by other HIV-positive people, the sites are accessible to everyone. Bring a friend along, or let your friends know where you will be meeting.Think carefully before posting your home address or telephone number. The Internet can be seductive, and you may feel that you know someone well after exchanging a few e-mails.Due to an overwhelming consciousness of HIV as a "gay disease" (remember GRID?), the prevalence of homophobia, and lack of access to information about services for people with HIV, AIDS-service organizations were only able to serve the people who knew that they existed and were willing to come to them.For many heterosexuals who want the same levels of social acceptance and support that we have achieved in homosexual communities, nothing really exists. The Red Onion doesn't host a night for HIV-positive people to mingle, and T. The women's health movement of the '70s and gay rights activism really paved the way for HIV services and activism.