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It’s common to use this collection (or inherit from it) to contain your business objects you want to bind to in WPF.

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The keys are compared by using a comparer and each group's elements are projected by using a specified function.(Defined by Enumerable.)Overloaded.Groups the elements of a sequence according to a specified key selector function and creates a result value from each group and its key.I have my views working populating my regions and have linked up my event Aggregator to action requests from the controls view to the datagrid view.However, when a button is clicked and the delegate fires to instigate the event Aggregator event, after changing the Observable Collection bound to my view, the view doesn't update?However, to set up dynamic bindings so that insertions or deletions in the collection update the UI automatically, the collection must implement the INotify Collection Changed interface.

This interface exposes the Collection Changed event, an event that should be raised whenever the underlying collection changes. If you have an advanced scenario and want to implement your own collection, consider using IList, which provides a non-generic collection of objects that can be individually accessed by index.You can also pass in any collection of entities, say from a LINQ query, and then add them to the Observable Collection. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.This decouples your data source (and therefore any collection logic) from the form itself making it much easier to change sources later.I’ve showed how to use Collection View Sources before but basically you just declare them in the Window.For example, a common scenario in data binding is to use an Items Control such as a List Box, List View, or Tree View to display a collection of records.