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BOPEU VS BOFEPUSU The Court of Appeal will today deliver judgement in a case in which BOPEU is challenging the legality of the membership of BOFEPUSU into the Public Service Bargaining Council.Summit The Double Troika Summit of the heads of state and government of Southern African Development Community-SADC was held in Gaborone yesterday.

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Some are pointing to Clinton aide, Huma Abedin exiting Clinton’s campaign in tears last Friday as the FBI was announcing the reopening of the case as evidence that the newly discovered devices are much more damning than Clinton is letting on.It is also being said that other high ranking members of congress will also be implicated.Commenting on the opposition leaders who are in exile, the minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations, Pelonomi Venson Moitoi said Lesotho’s Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili has pre-assured the summit to give them security upon their return.TRAVEL BOTSWANA HATAB in collaboration with BTCL, FNB and Solid Care have launched the Travel Botswana web application. CD not being here because you're coming type I'm I feel weird answering this because it's a woman writing to us a girl wrote to us and wants her opinion. People that like old school what are you would dirty girly and he's like an idiot like they did that but if if if it's just in the moment he refuses since he doesn't I don't now I feel like no you can give him a second chance to get to know his reasons why and if if third just because this.

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For her part, HATAB CEO, Lilly Rakorong emphasised that they found it necessary to partner with stakeholders looking to offer the ICT solution, as the industry is very demanding and as a result travel Botswana provides the answer.

Recently Judge President of the Industrial Court Tebogo Maruping is said to have urged trade unions to focus more on the welfare of their members rather than being involved in power struggles.

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Under decades of repressive rule, the existence of the Uyghur nation is under threat as the Chinese government continues to carry out deliberate policies opposing centuries-old tradition, culture & religion.