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Do you tell her your Ferrari is in the shop and that’s why you’re driving that Honda?

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Twitter stalk me @jaimiebeebe if you love to hate me and for everyone still on Facebook I’m there too Jaimie Beebe is 36 years old, single, modern, and a Renaissance woman.

She’s a writer, world traveler, Playboy model, amateur magician, casting director, producer, band manager, and occasional star fucker (only the really hot ones).

Let’s be realistic, a woman wants to date a Prince Charming who has enough money to take care of her.

#hollywoodlife So why would a beautiful girl like me be so experienced in dating every Loser Larry out there? #truestory The challenge for women is to spot Failure Frank before we get too involved in a love affair.

So how can women protect themselves from Mental Marvin? As much as I’m a true Kanye West hater, the only somewhat intelligent (although grammatically incorrect) thing he ever said was, If you ain’t no punk holla, “We want prenup” “We want prenup! She doesn’t necessarily need to be compensated with a cash prize; I’m not talking about professional women of the evening!

For example, I find public humiliation to be entertaining enough for reimbursement of my time.There are the obvious signs: a beat up old car, a crappy apartment and skipping out on the dinner bill.But a real Dead-Beat Dan is much more accomplished at hiding his inadequacies.At 17 Jaimie left home to follow the jam band Phish, spent months at a Rainbow Gathering, protested logging in Oregon, and made the local Ohio papers getting arrested for organizing a topless march.Slightly famous for rebuilding her Hollywood Hills home in a bikini after a contractor stole her money and left town, she created an online webisode “Bikini Builders” where followers could donate money, tools, and supplies to recoup her losses.Our international dating service is for singles seeking for friendship, romance, dating, long-term relations and international marriage.