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The shit he rapped about doing to break girls down by using their own want to be wanted against them in order to get in their fragile minds was what guys have been practicing for years.

Turn these girls into stalkers, make them thirsty for a phone call, junkies for attention, and desperate for a relationship is what the majority of men do with little effort because the average woman is emotionally soft when it comes to the men they actually like.

This is pathetic and females who used to be so powerful are now at the mercy of men who don’t think their pussy is even worth a real time investment. The truth is these women don’t even know the first thing about regaining control over men, so in order to seem as if they aren’t weak they hide under the umbrella of “.” LMAO!

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What started as me writing a post for this site to break down how to master a first date, transformed over the past four months into an entire breakdown on the entire process of early dating from the Spartan standpoint and how to separate yourself from these dry ass, non moisture holding, , girls. They get texted and sexted, but they don’t get courted.

When’s the last time you were taken out by a guy you actually liked?

This is understandable, it’s hard to totally shake off years of basic bitch brainwashing about how you should be for a man as opposed to understanding your power and how a man should be for you.

But then it spills into, the second date and then the third date, and then “,” bullshit that is still in line with the concept that women exist to be dancing fucking monkeys for men to pick out and take home.

You went out to dinner and he was corny as fuck, Spartans don’t give second chances, they curve.

You’ve been having great dates and now he’s pushing hard for sex, Spartans don’t give in to make him happy, fuck his happy, just for applying pressure he can wait even longer or go fuck the bottom bitch he has on the side.

Anytime a girl tells me, “I’m tired of dating,” I hear the agony of defeat in her voice. Excuse making, finger pointing, tired minds, who just want to skip ahead to the part where they hit the jackpot because they don’t have the fucking guts to work at success.

Napoleon Hill once said, “When defeat overtakes a person, the easiest and most logical thing to do is quit. Women in particular seem to have a hard time dealing with the seemingly random adversity of finding love.

was written to return the power to women because acting like naive little girls is causing you all to lose the dating war.

When Kevin Gates made that song “Break the Bitch Down” I stood up and applauded.

Your father probably dogged your mother out, your aunt probably has war stories about what a “good dick” did to her.