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As a man, I would look for someone ten years younger and up to 5 years older. Sometimes age really matters especially if you are looking to have a family.Otherwise, age is a preference and is not that critical. Height may be important, however, I have seen many relationships that the man is the same height or even somewhat shorter than the woman.

Click here to apply for a complimentary consultation and/or sign up for my free report so you can avoid common and deadly dating mistakes!Many are limiting themselves too much and are missing opportunities!It’s always good to check out their story and not assume stuff. (As a divorced person I used to thing, “What’s wrong with them? Also, I usually advise my clients to not date someone who is separated.If they are over 40 and never married, then what were the circumstances that led to that? (They are not technically or emotionally available).Meeting the right person is our ticket to a relationship that will possibly lead to marriage.

I don’t believe that meeting someone is an easy task in this day in age.

Two and a half years later, here I am; still single!

My closest friends and family members remind me how beautiful I am, express to me; I need to make some time for a personal life.

As scared as I was, I thought to myself "this can be a really good learning experience for me and something I can write about." Reluctant and scared, a friend set me up on some online dating sites for professionals looking for love.

I was up-set at first, thinking what the heck will people think if I'm found by someone I know; I am not a loser, no way I dont need to date nor do I need to date online.

Use comments sense and listen to your gut if your not feeling him, don't feel pressured.