Xbmc apple tv library not updating

In place of this missing functionality, I figured I would setup a simple timed job to automatically update my library for me every hour.Before I get started, I should note that there is an option to automatically update the library when the box is booted up which may work for some people.

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All settings and your library will be preserved in an upgrade.Settings that aren't preserved are those that have been reorganised, renamed, set to a new default - usually it's only a handful, and only things that don't really matter. To change this setting level just select the button/label that says "Settings level". If you cannot find this side panel, you must switch to the Confluence skin to enable these options.We don't want to remove features or ever charge money for XBMC just to expose it in an app store.We also want to make XBMC easily accessible to as many people as reasonably possible.Press down to start a new line and copy the following in: Press Ctrl O to save.

Press [enter] to confirm saving to the default filename. Congratulations, your cronjob should now be setup to run every hour!During the time between XBMC v12 and v13, an unofficial version of XBMC in the OUYA store (XBMC on OUYA) had to remove software decoding of AC3 and DTS by demand of the companies that owned those audio formats.The only way to enable software decoding of those formats would be to pay a licensing fee.) are no longer supported in XBMC v13 and need to be converted before upgrading XBMC.There are a few ways to do this, such as what is shown on HOW-TO: Backup the video library.You can find this under System Update Library on Startup.