Inadiansex Xbmc eden not updating library

I do however The advantage being that it’s easy to install and they all come with php My Admin preinstalled – which makes maintaining My SQL and running queries so much easier straight from any web-browser. ) might be that Apache (webserver) will be installed as well (disk-space / minimal CPU load).

Then it will have the correct file path recorded in the XBMC database, wherever that may be.

One of the really nice features of XBMC is that it has the means to provide additional information on TV-Series, Movies and/or Music.

But frankly, I'm inclined to think this may be a Windows problem totally unrelated to XBMC. When I boot the computer it automatically boots up into XBMC. WHen it finds new content it stores that information in its own database somewhere.

I need to find out how to delete that database so it will find everything fresh again.

So just download a recent version (XBMC Download Page or get Open Elec).

It is said that SVN version R28117 and above should be good to go (source). I use it to play the movies I have copied from my DVD collection. I had to move the files to a different location on the server.Now when I try to play a movie I get an error stating the file does not exist.Based on the following instructions you will give XBMC the access to the database it needs to create those databases, the needed tables, and eventually your library data.Go to php My Admin and click the “” in this example (without the quotes, right after “IDENTIFIED BY”), feel free to use a different password if you’re concerned with security.In this article, I’m going to assume that you’re working with a setup like this: one central network share, and one or more XBMC HTPC’s.