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A: On the receiver, there is a red LED next to the connector J1. A: The PMA’ed low-profile tear-drop XM antenna utilizes a SMA connector.

Comant Industries manufactures this antenna (p/n CI420-1). A: When performing an on-line 'refresh' at the Sirius XM website, you should receive an 'activation successful' response after submitting the refresh request.

The Refresh signal, sent over the XM satellite system, will re-activate the receiver and restore operation of the XM WX receiver assuming your account is in good standing.

The XM radio ID can generally be obtained via your avionics system display, which varies by partner. There is no "I" (eye), "o" (oh), "S" or "F" used for XM radio ID's.A: Confirm that the MFD is set to the correct UCC time as prescribed by the MFD manufacturer.Anyone else having this problem I own 2 other vehicles that this never happens. More importantly, I am frequently getting "no signal"; call the refresh line, no help; talk to a person and ultimately get told it is not Sirius, it is the antenna. Regardless of being on the highway or down a country road the signal constantly is cutting out .We've have another vehicle with same XM service and NO problems at all.If you receive an 'unsuccessful' response, there may be other problems with the account. A: RG-400/U coaxial cable is recommended, with a SMA plug on each end.

Verify proper installation by checking Heads Up installation manuals.

If set correctly, monitor signal-quality when reception of data appears slow. The correct communications port is the USB Serial Port (com #). Next, verify the communication settings are correct and set the communications port (as addressed in the next question) and baud rate (115200 bps).

Contact Heads Up customer service if issues persist. A: Verify that the power wiring to your radio is correct. If the problem continues, contact Heads Up at for additional assistance.

It's strange how Toyota is addressing it they are acknowledging the poor signal however has chosen not to do anything about it.

After purchasing many toyota's in my lifetime this will be the last only because of their lack of ability and willingness to address what is clearly a defect in manufacturing.

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