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Although Brad's marriage to Katherine is loving and amicable, it has been lacking intimacy.

When he is supposed to be studying for the bar exam, Brad instead plays on a local football team or sits and watches teenagers skateboard outside his house, fantasizing about being young and carefree again.

Afterwards, while Larry waits for Brad at a nearby bar to celebrate their victory, Brad and Sarah make out on the field.He admits that this is the happiest moment of his life, and convinces Sarah to run away with him.Sarah Pierce is a hapless, stay-at-home mother in a small suburb of Boston.She had been working on a doctorate in English, but set aside her work to marry Richard and raise their 3-year-old daughter, Lucy.Ronnie knows this is futile, but agrees to on a date May has arranged for him with a woman named Sheila.

During dinner, Ronnie tells Sheila about his criminal record, and Sheila in return tells him that she has had a series of nervous breakdowns.It turns out that he never left the note for her and tells one of the skateboarders to dispose of it for him.When Sarah takes Lucy to the park, she sees Ronnie stagger by, and briefly feels afraid.It stars Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson, Jennifer Connelly, Jackie Earle Haley, Noah Emmerich, Gregg Edelman, Phyllis Somerville and Will Lyman.The original music score is composed by Thomas Newman.While Sarah is drying towels in her basement, Brad kisses her and they have sex.