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Sexual orientation: Hetrosexual General appearence : Dressing style: Normally scene in a blue suit with a red tie and his attorney's badge on the collar.

Personality: A little sarcastic but very trusting and empathetic Extras: none scourgeclawneedsblood My oc is Scourge, she has no last name, she was born in Egypt, but she was taken to an orphanage in Japan after her town was destroyed, no accent, blacker than black hair, whiter than snow skin, Just look a few commas before :) ,she's straight, generally imposing, no make up, dresses exactly like yami yugi,(not Atem), She's cold and untrusting, but can be a funny and loyal friend, is a werecat very sharp nails, parents unknown, age 16.

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One day, he skipped gym class because he felt a cold coming on but at the same time, a kid's lunch money was stolen.

He was accused of stealing the lunch money and a class trial was held Artix didn't attend neither did Saika as they were in higher grades than him, so they couldn't defend him.

Assassin of the Blue Rose Name: Phoenix Hayabusa Birthplace: Japan Accent: American Hair: Black, spikey, gelled back Eyes: purple, but often look grey Skin: White History: Phoenix is the son of Aneka and Marik, but she feared for her child's life so she left Marik and gave birth to Phoenix months later.

Phoenix never really took to duel monsters as much as his brother did, but became interested in law at a very early age.

What item(s) do you buy most frequently at the shop? View The Complete Survey[ ][-] xxmysurveysxx's Untitled What is your favorite colour?

View The Complete Survey[ ][-] xxocgurlie24xx's Random stuff for when ur bored or have nothing better to do Do you ever think about saucepans? He has bright blue eyes that actually look turquoise coloured up close.He wears a lot of black and some red, mostly he dressed in just plain black clothing when he was young. View The Complete Survey Active Forum Games chasingghosts - RE: Change One Letter (4) chasingghosts - RE: Top Three Things On Your Mind (88) christinac36 - RE: Say Something About The User Above You 4 lilprincess - RE: Have you... x Xx Random Katx Xx Name: Ambrosia 'Amy' Star Theme Song: Going Under Evanescence. She lives in an subway car, in an old and unused part of the Domino subway.However he isn't stupid, while growing up in said lavish lifestyle he was trained in chess and other strategy games, he was also taught Japanese, English, and Hungarian, and he is very good at fooling people using he laid back personality as an advantage.