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However, at least as early as 1988, Yanni was said to shun labels such as "Greek" and "new age," emphasizing that "when someone says new age music, I think of something that you put on in the background while you're vacuuming the house.

Yanni explained that "the most influence I’ve ever had from music was doing (soundtracks for) movies, ...mostly instrumental music," mentioning his love for the work of Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams.MARCH 7--Yanni, the New Age musician, is facing domestic abuse charges after allegedly tussling with his girlfriend last week in the couple's Florida home.The 51-year-old pianist, whose given name is John Yanni Christopher, allegedly struck the woman after ordering her to move out of his house last Thursday, according to a Manalapan Police Department report.Hi I'm just simple girl with an extra ordinary heart, I may not have the Cutest eyes, perfect smile, amazing body but I do have a caring heart.

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Christopher spent about 11 hours in the Palm Beach County jail (where the adjacent mug shot was snapped) before being released without bond.

He has been ordered not to contact the alleged victim and must check in daily with court officials.

My music can be very rhythmic, very energetic, even very ethnic." In 2012, Yanni remarked that he has never liked putting art into categories or assigning labels, adding that he always composed music "to honestly reflect the lessons learned and the experiences I have shared throughout my life." For example, Yanni's university study of psychology influenced his music: “When I create music, it is a reflection of my soul, my experiences in life and my relationships with other people and cultures.

Psychology, and understanding who we are as people in this world, is present in almost every creative thought I have." In 2012 Yanni expressed the importance of PBS to his career, saying that the network "always allowed me to present my music without any censorship or influence, and encouraged me to be the artist that I am," and had been "a great part of my career for over 20 years." Yanni took an unconventional path to recognition, for example, by risking his personal fortune to fund historic-monument events such as his 1993 Acropolis concerts, by producing specials on public television, by creating alone in his home-built studio, and by performing many of his own production duties—thus by-passing the conventional music industry.

The album sold 55,000 copies in its first week and landed at No.