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He is currently working on a children’s book series, a mystery series and an original musical.

His latest book is “Will Wilder: The Relic of Perilous Falls.” SCHEDULE Middle-grade Fiction: Fantastical Feats Saturday, p.m., YA Stage › Aslan, an acclaimed writer and scholar, is the founder of Aslan, an online journal for news about the Middle East and the world.

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A former editor at Pantheon and Vintage, she has been described in the L. Times as “a dogged prospector of the city’s literary talent.” Her clients include novelists Christopher Noxon, María Amparo Escandón and Joy Nicholson; Mac Arthur fellow Will Allen; Beard Award winner Kim Boyce; popular historian Margaret Leslie Davis; and best-selling research psychologist Elaine N. SCHEDULE Publishing: The Big Picture Saturday, a.m., Hancock Foundation › Anders is an American journalist, editor and fiction writer.Her debut novel, “Choir Boy,” won a Lambda Literary Award in 2005. Two others joined her on the set, and they were beauties named Margarita and Conchita ... " The women, of course, are duplicates of Rita herself, and naturally, are every bit as beautiful.The "three" then engage in a rousing dance routine set to "The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B." Rita's modesty is only protected by the straps of her shortie jumper onesie, though the other two are more meticulously and moderately dressed in traditional Swedish maid-type costumes.The sassy production continues, and the girls flaunt their panties -- which have hearts, the word "Love," and "I love EU" emblazoned on the fronts and backs -- while Rita grasps her chest in an effort to prevent her breasts from falling away from that which protects her from an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

The grand finale of the song features Ora taking off her "top" entirely and flashing the crowd ...

Mudd 124 › Amdahl is the author of “The Daredevils,” “Across My Big Brass Bed,” “The Intimidator Still Lives In Our Hearts,” “I Am Death” and “Visigoth,” as well as several plays, the most recent being “Dharma Comes to Dinner.” He is the recipient of a Jerome Fellowship and a Pushcart Prize.

SCHEDULE Fiction: Finding a New Normal Sunday, 1 p.m., Andrus Gerontology Center › Amster is president of Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises.

Alexander believes that poetry can change the world and he uses it to inspire and empower young people through his Book-in-a-Day literacy program.

His latest title is “Booked.” SCHEDULE Kwame Alexander in Conversation With Joel Arquillos Sunday, a.m., Seeley G.

Alfaro has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Mac Arthur Genius Foundation Fellowship in 1997 and the 1988 National Hispanic Playwriting Competition Prize.