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What looks great at first can quickly change as soon as an argument arises.Perhaps one of the most social signs, a Gemini will always be a good time as they are natural conversationalists and always want to make sure others are enjoying themselves.

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What’s even worse is that they are known to be the most stubborn and inflexible of all the astrology signs.Hmm, better think again before you start dating a Taurus.Their confidence can sometimes be overbearing as they always feel the need to be the center of attention.They will demand constant flattery and attention from their partner and will always want to be the dominant partner.They will not go out and flaunt their personal business so that they may maintain as much peace as possible.

As great as that sounds, they are also known for being emotional to the point of clingy, which can be suffocating in relationships.

Relationships are the most important things to Cancers, who are generous and wholehearted lovers.

With every good trait comes a bad, but in this case the positives vastly outweigh the negatives.

Scorpios possess some of the most intense and intricate personalities of all the zodiac signs, which makes engaging in a relationship with them quite tedious.

They lack tolerance to the point of behaving in a cruel manner and a Scorpio will become defensive when you question their motives.

The plus side of dating a Scorpio is that they are very private people and dedicate themselves to their relationships.