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An egotistical and arrogant couple manager who manages to get himself demoted at the matchmaking company.

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When guys are looking for or first getting into a relationship, they often say they're looking for someone without "drama."But what does drama-free actually mean to them?

While starting fights and stalking definitely falls under the umbrella of “dating drama,” most men have a broader definition of the term.

However, during a drunken night, he ends up sleeping with Mi-na and they soon begin to develop feelings for each other.

A bright young intern who joins "Team Zero" and later becomes a full-time employee of "Zero Base." He is kind-hearted and aims to act cupid and spread love around Korea.

Without realizing it, women speak their own language and expect a man to understand. Most women would prefer them to hurry up and make up their mind.

No wonder new relationships can be so confusing and frustrating! After all, we want some assurance that the time we’re spending with a new guy is worth our while.When a guy is in the beginning stages of dating you (the first three months, minimum), he’s living in the moment. Society romanticizes the idea that it takes two halves of people coming together to make a whole.Even if he hasn’t considered whether he’s in love with you, he knows he loves your company. Try to think like a man and just enjoy the present.3. We’re conditioned to look for the person who “completes” us.Let's call it "haunting." Haunting is when, though you have cut off all direct contact with someone, you still interact indirectly with the person on social media.This means you don't send them messages, but you still "like" the person's Facebook or Instagram posts or, commonly, view his or her stories on Snapchat.Is he planning on getting serious or is he just having fun?